BRAINMAR sarl has been from day one adopting and adapting a “Quasi-Governmental Operation” and extensively with the Federal Republic of Germany.  

To assist the German Government in its semi-governmental operations in Lebanon, we have been involved in the federally related entities of legal contracts with the Lebanese Government and the hybrid organizations that were involved in different projects. The managerial objective of the services provided was to:

·         maximize project performance

·         ensure the flow of funds to the concerned 3rd party contractors

·         be involved in the socio-political communication

·         lessening the bureaucratic red tapes through our existing vertical communication channels

·         examining the legal characteristics of the contract and convey it to all hybrid parties

·         observing the technical description of the project and provided recommendations

·         procure several needed supplies for particular workshop projects

·         support the technicalities of the project to ensure its competitiveness and reputation

·         synchronize the commissioning of projects

·         coordinate training schedules

·         involved in project funds transfers and financial related issues

·         support the logistics of projects and the flow of goods

·         general fair-trade practices



§  GTZ Project (Lebanese Borders Control)

§  German Contingents (Logistic Operations extended in several locations)

§  Defense Attaché of Lebanon

§  Liaison Officer (Technical Workshops)


§  Evacuation Plans with Embassies