The Business Evolution

The Business Evolution

Truthfulness, Determination & Excel

In order to stay ahead of the rapid changes in the Lebanese Maritime Front; small-businesses like BRAINMAR had to evolve. An opportunity at the horizon existed, we knew the market, we had the associates, we had the knowledge and expertise, we had the team and tools; it was time to excel!  


With a clear vision we were preparing the logistic platform in a revolutionary way though the encountered struggles and the piles of red tapes from the bureaucratic system in our community. Our business portfolio was sketched from day one with determination and with a view to achieve at any cost sustainable growth. 


We analyzed the market offerings and potential, we assessed the logistic needs, we promoted through our second to none services our business efficiency and effectiveness; and from success to success we started our investments in prospective logistic fields. 

Regardless of the competition and challenges, our precision and truthfulness in business allowed us to aim to expand our logistics offering – we crossed the red sea to the Indian Ocean (from Egypt, to Saudi Arabia, to Djibouti, to Oman, to Pakistan, to India, to Sri Lanka, to Indonesia) and with much ahead we stretched our logistic services at Logistics Gates in Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, Germany up until Brazil and USA.


Moreover, we were awarded an International contract for Marine contract from Indonesia to, South Korea, China, Japan, Russia and Philippines.   Moreover, with growing customer demands for specialized maritime services and equipment we had to establish foreign contacts with manufacturers all over the world – this included business alliances and joint ventures with Maritime Agents, Logistic Bodies, Shipchandlers, suppliers, manufacturers, and much more of partnered business associates.  


In the personal defense market, we further had to hold a share. We procured around 80TEUs for Fence Protection at Beirut Port for most of the UN Ships; we imported Armored Cars from STOOF-Germany for the German Contingents in Lebanon – with a view to extend this service portfolio into the Middle East Markets.  



Overall, the service logistic chain remains extending. For us at BRAINMAR the future beholds other challenges and requirements to meet. We are keen to accept new experiences. We are structured to communicate any of the clients’ need via our skills and consolidated knowledge – both within and outside the box. We bear always in mind the three principles of work and we will further strengthen our ability to provide unrivalled logistic services.


As a company co-founder and CEO, I am personally determined to promote BRAINMAR as a sustained company in the most ideal business ethical way, while continuing to cherish our corporate philosophy of Truthfulness, Determination and Excel!