At Beirut International Airport there are efficient and reliable service providers offering comprehensive aviation logistics services – and it is with those key players that BRAINMAR sarl partnered its Aviation Logistics Business.

BRAINMAR sarl has been involved in the Aircraft Ground handling of the Brazilian Navy for several missions. The business portfolio addressed many service requirements from time of its arrival at the terminal gate and the time of its departure. Speed, accuracy, efficiency and coordination were our fundamental concerns to minimize the turnaround time of the military aircraft. The services included the following – but not limited to:

        Coordination of aircraft arrival with local authorities (especially with Ministry of Defense)

        Aircraft marshaling coordination

        TARMAC booking and services

        Lavatory Drainage services

        Aviation fuel supply coordination

        Cabin Cleaning services (including blue water supply)

·         Aircraft catering (including daily meals)

·         Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

·         Ground Power Unit Services

·         Custom clearance & Freight Forwarding of incoming/outgoing cargo

·         Cargo Handling & Heavy lift equipment

·         Cabin services (replenishment of onboard consumables)

·         Cabin Laundry services

·         Transportation of personnel from/to airport

·         Transportation of cargo from/to airport (including handling of dangerous goods)

·         Check-in & Check-out Coordination

·         Coordination of transiting staff to transfer counters

·         Hotel booking (including tourism guidance and booking)

 ·       Luggage handling (by means of beltloaders and baggage carts)