Quality, Health, Safety & Environment are BRAINMAR Fundamental Parameters!

Within BRAINMAR TEAM we attempt to attain an outstanding performance; where everyone in our organization clutches safety at all times; yet, within our business journey, Quality & Safety have become our primary motivation!

We thoroughly evaluate our safety performance through internal appraisals to ensure compliance with our QHSE Policy and System, while providing regular training to our Team to ensure they perform safely and eliminate any potential risk(s) from any endeavor.

BRAINMAR has been developing its QHSE Policy to meet the requirements of the international standard to protect every single individual involved in any daily routine operation.

BRAINMAR QHSE Policy was originated in 2018 by top management and communicated to all our employees, business partners and especially 3rd Party Contractors.

 BRAINMAR is strongly keen that implementing the standard of safety will send a clear statement that the latter has become our priority. 


QHSE Policy      code of business conduct