Port Agency & Husbanding Services

It is the confidence of our clients that has enabled BRAINMAR to deliver unparalleled husbanding services. Leveraging our strong team and network, we have been successful in providing the fastest berthing control. Our logistics operations team is multi-talented and possesses in-depth experience in the Terminal Operations Management. The added advantage is that they are multi-lingual and are able to deal with numerous unforeseen situations to deliver effortless service to our clients. Services include, but not limited to:

* Pier allocation/booking

* Pilotage and Port Control coordination

* Fresh Water supply (from port or via 3rd parties trucks)

* CHT and Sludge removal plans (including medical waste treatment)

* Fenders & Linehandlers

·         Added Value Services:

*  Equipment, berthing and anchorage arrangements

*  Towing services (privately owned equipment operating currently in Saudi Arabia)

*  Salvage (privately owned equipment operating currently in Saudi Arabia)

*  Tugboat and Barge Chartering (privately owned equipment currently in Saudi Arabia)

*  Yacht Berthing, Clearance & Transits (we almost monopolize the Lebanese Marinas)


 Ship Management & Services

With a comprehensive understanding of the operational environment, proven expertise in complex naval systems and demonstrated project management skills, BRAINMAR services are able to be tailored to a wide range of Military Vessels – and other vessel types if ever needed.

We specialize in moving the most challenging cargo loads (including heavy military equipment). Our extensive logistic workforce can make any delivery in any condition – at mission point, at dock facility or to any remote onshore or offshore logistic gate.

Combining the technical and professional capabilities of our owned and managed fleets, we bring together best in class operations, engineering and contracting personnel. We provide the following services and more to our clients.

BRAINMAR has been providing since 2006 management services on a contractual short-term and long-term basis. These naval services include, but are not limited to:

* crew nomination services

* crew leave administration

* general surety coordination

supervision and maintenance

* cargo Loading/Unloading

* boat/yachts charterparties contracts for evacuation plans

* Contract negotiations for Bunker and MGO/LUBOIL (also BRAINMAR reserves its own stocks)

* Administration and Expenses Management

* Cargo storage (dry and cold/frozen containers or/and warehouses)

* Housing of vessel’s crew

* Shipchandling and Marine Supplies

* Added value shoreside and anchorage services:

                     o   GENSET services (privately owned Generators of all sizes)

o   Gangways and Platforms facility (privately owned)

o   Awnings facility

o   Fence Protection & Guard shacks (privately owned)

o   Security Services (sophisticated security check points on rental basis)

o   CCTV – Surveillance and security (full-fledged service with material)

o   Logistic Services (Warehousing, cargo handling, distribution, others)

o   Cargo handling (heavy and light load truck with cranes/forklifts)

o   Transportation (privately owned cars, buses and trucks – including care rentals)

o   Floating docks for hull repairs (privately owned)

o   Hull services and maintenance (including painting)

o   Dry docking coordination (overseas)

o   Ticketing and Hotel Booking

o   Water Treatment and Inspection (certified laboratories)

o   Pest control (certified company)

o   Fire Detection and Prevention Systems

o   Engineering Consultancy (own engineering company)

o   Interior Decoration and Design/Build Projects (own factory and facilities)

o   Crew repatriations services

o   Door-to-door mail services

o   Currency exchange & bank wires

o   Custom clearance and freight forwarding

o   Telecommunication & Internet Rentals (including SATCOM & SATPHONE facilities)

o   Cleaning & Laundry Facilities (including providing janitorial teams)

o   Diving and underwater surveys

o   Catering & events management (parties, events, military ceremonies, others)

o   Emergency maritime operations (coordination with domestic authorities)

o   LCL/FCL container services

o   Stevedoring (including heavy lifts and hazardous material)

o   Crew Luggage Handling (including clearance from airports)

o   Crew personal requests (lodging and lounging facilities)

o   Crew mail and courier facilities

o   Personal effects disposition

o   Intermodal operations (including RORO services via established charterparty contracts)

o   Marine terminal operations (especially for RORO vessels and Logistics warships)

o   Travel and tourism coordination (self-organized multilingual tour guides)

o   Water Taxi Facility (for emergencies or evacuation we also have long term plans)