For over 20 years of experience in Military Logistics & Supply Chain Support, “THE PEACE KEEPERS - THE UNIFIL-MTF” depends on BRAINMAR professional husbanding services.

BRAINMAR extended support enables UN Contingents to concentrate on their core tasks and relieves them of the unnecessary burden of planning and managing their daily marine requirements.

BRAINMAR plays a vital role in satisfying UN operational readiness at the comprehensive UNIFIL PORTS – Beirut, Mersin and Limassol Ports.

Every military vessel - Brazilian, German, Indonesian, Bangladeshi, other - is treated with utmost care according to its daily marine needs and port exercises.

Operating in Lebanon and many other international hub ports, BRAINMAR provides the best-in-class husbanding services for the most demanding client in the world; THE NAVY!


Maritime Husbanding Services:

·         Port Agency 24/7/366 days operational readiness

·         Provision & LOGREQ Coordination

·         Waste removal

·         CHT/Sewage Removal

·         Oily Waste/Bilge Water Removal

·         Custom Clearance Services

·         Global Freight Forwarding Services

·         Crane, Forklift & Heavy Lifting Services

·         Bunkering F76 MGO Supply

·         Heli Oil & Gas Supplies

·         Luboil European Specs

·         Water-Taxi Services

·         Fleet Tents and Setup

·         Shipchandling & Fresh Supplies

·         Pier/Truck Fresh Water Supply

·         Pilotage Services

·         Tugboat & Mooring Services

·         Towage Services


Crew & Passenger Operations:

·         Fleet sign-on/sign-off arrangements

·         Shore pass/Passport Stamps

·         Crewmember Immigration Support

·         Meet & Greet Airport Services

·         Hotel Booking & Accommodation Services

·         Vehicle Rentals (all sizes)

·         Ship to shore transportation

·         Shuttle Bus Services and Domestic Transfers

·         Telecommunication & Data Services

·         Emergency response and incident management

·         Crew Medical assistance


Equipment Rental:

·         Yokohama Fenders

·         Gangways

·         GENSET & Power Cables

·         Port WI-FI Modems

·         Force Protection

·         Guard Shack

·         Guard House

·         Mooring Lines

·         Prefab containers

·         Subsea Services (Deep water hull welding)

·         Diving & Underwater survey

·         Repairs & Inspections

·         Antipollution equipment

·         Dangerous Goods & Ammunition Handling