We have helped all contingents in answering the where, when, what, who and why questions of every inland mission, and any generating information that will help them make well-informed decisions.


Exclusively, with the German Contingents BRAINMAR sarl is at the heart of every mission. We have helped in providing a complete and interoperable platform to manage, visualize, analyze and share geospatial information for land-based missions. Our land operations service portfolio incorporates:


        Lease of Armored Cars (BV7 Type from STOOF – GERMANY)

        Trucks, SUVs, Cars, Buses operating Lease (short & long term contracts)

        Procurement of trucks, SUVs, Cars (with technical modifications facilities)

        Insurance Policies (for both cargo and vehicles)

        Mobility of personnel from headquarters to different field of operations

        Positional Information

        Situational analysis and coordination

        Ground force logistics

        Crew mobilization

        Cargo and mail distribution

        Personal effects coordination and transportation

        Exchange of geospatial information

        Land transportation decision making

        Bottleneck management and administration

        Staff training and licensing

        Inland road haulage services and road emergencies

        Vehicle car maintenance

        Vehicles spare parts procurement plan

        Intermodal transport support

        Accurate door-to-door services

        Integrated international/domestic transportation services by Air, Sea and Road

        Custom clearance, tracking and formalities

        Packing and removals

        Heavy lifts and distribution

Land transportation and trucking