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MalBatt Part of the UNIFIL Peacekeeping

Malaysian Battalion 850-9 (Malbatt 850-9) Contingent is serving their duty in Lebanon under United Nation Services (PNBB).

The contingent carried out their duties since 13th November 2021 in Lebanon to complete their deployment as a peacekeeping force in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) mission.

MALBATT 850-9 members portrayed professional behavior irrespective to the race, religion and creed making Malaysia known and favored by all parties in Lebanon.

All in all MALBATT 850-9 successfully managed 24,198 operation involving Independent and Coordinated Activity With Lebanese Armed Forces (COAWL) at Kawasan Tanggungjawab MALBATT with an area of 288 KM square which is the largest Kawasan Tanggungjawab under UNIFIL covering 48 Municipalities in total apart from enforcing the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) 1701 Mandate and Resolution.

In parallel to MalBatt logistic support, the Royal Malaysian Navy vessel KD Mahawangsa has completed a mission to resupply Malaysian Battalion (MalBatt) 850 in Lebanon – back in January 2023.