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(Lebanon Sea Area Surveillance)

Following the lift of Israeli naval blockade of Lebanon and in compliance with the UN resolution forbidding rearmament of HEZBOLLAH, an international naval force was established to control the sea and air space, to the west of Lebanon, in co-operation with the Lebanese authorities. The mission of this force consisted in conducting Sea Control operations, aiming at preventing arms and relevant equipment trafficking to Lebanon.

From 18 September 2006 and until the said Force was deployed, an Interim Maritime Task Force (MTF 425) was established, under the command of the Italian Navy. As soon as the Task Force was established, the Hellenic Navy offered “Limnos” Frigate, a helicopter and an unconventional warfare team.

The total number of personnel (male and female) involved amounted to 210.


OPERATION UNIFIL (since 15 Oct 2006)

(UN Naval Force deployed in the framework of Operation UNIFIL)

On the 15th of October 2006 the Maritime Task Force 448, under the command of the German Naval Forces, was tasked with the control of the broader sea area. Germany allocated two frigates, four patrol boats, and two support and supply vessels. Nations have contributed the following to the operation: Bulgaria, (one frigate), Denmark.,(two patrol boats), Greece, (one frigate, one HN helicopter, a team of frogmen), Norway, (four patrol boats and one support and supply vessel), Sweden, (one corvette)and Turkey (one frigate).
Greece, still operating in Lebanon, has contributed a missile boat in support of the Maritime Task Force while providing training to personnel of the Lebanese Navy.
The Hellenic Navy also participates in the operation with three staff officers, two at UN New York and one at the Naval Operation Center of UNIFIL in Lebanon (NAQURA).

Since Operation UNIFIL (15 Oct), all ships participating in the operation have accomplished 2150 merchant ship hailings.
Until the 05th of July 2007, the following assets had been allocated to Operation UNIFIL:
4 frigates, 1 torpedo boat, 4 helicopters of the HN, 4 teams of unconventional warfare and 900 men and women